Monday, March 19, 2007

until it is turned, do we know it is a page?

The Eternal is best described as outside the realm of time, out of time, not in it.
As thus,
there is no past
no future
no present.
There is now.
all of time, now
all that was, now
all that is, now
all that will be, now
and it is now.
and we are now.
for a moment let's consider time, now is not a part of time, when we are in time, we are out of now, out of the eternal, when we are out of time, we are in the eternal,
the only time there is
is from when we are out of the eternal, until we are eternal.
Art is Eternal.
that which is not its name, without opposite,
that which we are,
not a part of,
or apart from.
When we are not there is only the becoming.
We become from deep within, but sometimes we become when we are shown ourselves from without.
I will begin here to state my experience. somewhere in between, as artists teeter,
between Eternity and time, between being and non-being, past and future, we catalyst what was, is and will be. Sending up an Aerial, Up, into the ether, Up, dissolving time, stained by it, we scribe as our ancestors, and as our posterity, from and to, we transmit, and channel, pounding away at the walls that surround us, not sure if we seek to be out, or are trying to get in, as we are in the space we attempt to get out of, we are out of the space we pound to be in,
we realize that space has a lot in common with time.

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